Literacy from Scratch is a response to the UK government’s initiative to develop computer programming skills in Primary School. It is a  joint project between schools in London and in Prague. The project was developed by a group of postgraduate students from those cities – aided further by schools in the UK and the Czech Republic, as the students rose to this challenge. The site offers masses of resources: teaching videos, good ideas, cross curricular activities, completed examples and all sorts of projects to investigate further – maybe some examples that you can actually use in your lessons. This site also reports back on projects already created by the post graduate students and are ready for use in class.

The resources are shared and able to be downloaded. There is also a commentary available about: what worked, what were the problems, how could they be overcome and how the resource could be used in the classroom? For anyone still wondering about computing and coding in the classroom, it is worth investigating. There are some lovely projects being uploaded which can be shared in the classroom.

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Primary School Teaching Resources


The 123HUB is a FREE resource bank and teaching community for primary school teachers. It has been designed to assist teachers in finding good quality online resources. Our aim is to take the effort and guesswork out of finding the best online resources that are available for the primary school curriculum. All of the resources on the 123HUB have been hand picked by teachers.


Now over 2100 quality teaching resources available!


 Our super new theme for September 2018 is the Anglo Saxons and Anglo Saxon Britain

Anglo Saxons and Anglo Saxon Britain. The featured theme for September 2018 is the historical and really interesting topic of the Anglo Saxons and Anglo Saxon Britain.  With the breakdown of Rome's control of Britain it became possible for the Angles, Saxons and Jutes from across the North Sea - who had been raiding the coast of Britain for many years - to successfully invade the country and by about 450 A.D, they were beginning to settle here.  

The Anglo Saxon period in history is really fascinating for children and we have over 40 superb Anglo Saxon themed websites on offer that will help to bring the study of Anglo Saxon Britain to life in the classroom.  Collectively, the resources cover all aspects of the Anglo Saxon people, their invasion and their settlement of Britain. As usual, the resources comprise of a mixture of: information, facts, research, hands-on activities, illustrations and video clips, as well as some detailed planning - each of which will effectively underpin this really great theme.




The featured theme is updated monthly during the academic year.  Watch out for our excellent Celtic Britain resources coming in October 2018!


Recently Archived Themes


July and August 2018

Superheroes. The featured theme for July and August was the engaging topic of Superheroes.  Superheroes have always fascinated children. They love to play superheroes and take on their favourite role; they love to watch superheroes on TV and at the cinema and they love to read about them also. We have 30 superb themed websites on offer, some are KS1, some are KS2 and some are suitable for EYFS.

Most of the themed resources are cross-curricular although there are some which are specific to maths and English, creative writing. Collectively, the resources cover:  the most popular superheroes, their powers, their biographies, superhero presentations and booklists, real super heroes and much more besides. The resources comprise of a mixture of: information, facts, research, hands-on activities, illustrations and video clips, as well as some detailed planning - each of which will effectively support this tremendously interesting theme and any superhero classroom topic.