This webpage claims to provide the top six grammar apps, according to Kidsmart. Unsurprisingly, they place their own app in first place. Despite this, the site does give details of other apps that do not require a subscription.

The ages of 4-11 are crucial for a child’s development and It is important to take the education of your child seriously, technology is a useful tool to improve your child’s English skills and also keep them entertained.

When looking at online apps for kids to play, all the apps mentioned in this article will help form a strong foundation for your child to learn through technology at your convenience.

English lessons for kids no longer need to be dull and monotonous, through these games you can improve your child’s vocabulary and entertain them simultaneously.

Whether your child is being taught by yourself at home or attends a local school, apps can supplement their current learning programs and reinforce their understanding of grammar.” (Kidsmart)

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