Children animation is one of the most exciting advances in education technology, allowing children the opportunity to be endlessly creative in designing their own comic strips, movies and more. Whether it’s using stop-motion animation to create amazing stories or simply a pen and paper, animation is a fantastic way to liven up the classroom and is guaranteed to be a big hit with young and older children alike.

With a range of great animation apps available, you just need to download and install on your Android, iPhone, or iPad, which will spark the imagination and create perfect animations always. For anyone looking to learn how to animate these apps should be gracing the devices of any animator from beginner to experienced professional. Even non-animators will find these apps amazing to gaze over.

Looking for an animation app? Check the list of best animation apps for Android and iOS devices.

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Primary School Teaching Resources


The 123HUB is a FREE resource bank and teaching community for primary school teachers. It has been designed to assist teachers in finding good quality online resources. Our aim is to take the effort and guesswork out of finding the best online resources that are available for the primary school curriculum. All of the resources on the 123HUB have been hand picked by teachers.


Now over 2500 quality teaching resources available!


 Our featured theme for February 2020 is Music!


Our great featured theme for February 2020 is Music. Most people like listening to music, many like to perform it, but teaching it in primary schools for non-music specialists can sometimes be tricky. In this theme, we hope to provide resources that will help teachers in this task. With these resources we explore the following:

  • Listening and Appraising Music
  • Musical Elements
  • Musical Styles
  • Musicians and Composers
  • Music Performance, Singing and Songs
  • Musical Instruments

We have over 60 excellent themed resources that will hopefully help teachers in their understanding and delivery of teaching music. The resources comprise of a mixture of: information, facts, research, hands-on activities, illustrations, performances, songs, audio clips, quizzes and video clips, as well as some detailed planning - each of which will successfully underpin this artistic and creative topic.



The featured theme is updated monthly during the academic year.

Watch out for our great 'Languages' resources coming in March 2020!




Recently Archived Themes


January 2020

Weather and Climate Change. As we live on an island in Britain, we experience a wide range of weather and the weather that we are subjected to affects us all in many ways. The extreme weather we sometimes experience is often blamed, in the media, on global warming and climate change.  The threat to our planet, posed by climate change is very real and topical, with the melting of the ice caps, the recent global strikes by school students and the actions of Greta Thunberg regularly being reported in the press. It is certainly something that we need to be concerned about and is very worthy of further investigation.

 We have over 70 superb resources that help support this life threatening topic – together, they explore the following:

  • Weather and Climate
  • Water Cycle
  • Extreme Weather
  • Global Warming
  • Climate Change
  • How Humans can damage our environment and how we can all help.

The resources comprise of a mixture of: information, facts, research, hands-on activities, illustrations, games and video clips, as well as some detailed planning - each of which will successfully help to reinforce this extremely important topic




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Whilst we try our best to ensure that our resource links remain current, websites do unfortunately get moved and are taken down from time to time. To help us provide a good service, please report any broken links that you discover to:hub@123ict.co.uk