The image packs include pictures of lots of different aspects of Stone Age life... people, families, cave paintings, homes, tools, weapons and prehistoric monuments. The site also provides some ways that you could use these resources in your classroom:

  • Use the pictures as the starting point for discussions about different aspects of the Stone Age.

  • Print the images and use them on a display about the Stone Age.

  • Share the images with the children in your class and ask them to find out more about what is shown in the pictures. This could be an independent task, a group activity or even a homework challenge.

  • Ask your pupils to create their own pictures linked to the topic, using these images as a starting point.

  • Look at the images and discuss the different features of the objects shown. What are they made from? How were they used?

  • Ask your children to Imagine that they are one of the people shown in the pictures. How would that make them feel?

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