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The 123HUB is a FREE resource bank and teaching community for primary school teachers. It has been designed to assist teachers in finding good quality online resources. Our aim is to take the effort and guesswork out of finding the best online resources that are available for the primary school curriculum. All of the resources on the 123HUB have been hand picked by teachers.


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 Our brilliant new theme for April 2018 is Prehistoric Britain!

This month's featured theme is the fascinating topic of Prehistoric Britain. The study of the prehistoric period of our history (beginning with appearance of human beings and ending when the Romans invaded Britain) can really capture the imagination of children.

Prehistoric humans were hunter-gatherers and survived by hunting animals and finding food to eat.  Gradually people learned new skills; they learned to herd animals and grow crops. Then they discovered the secrets of making bronze and iron which replaced stone as their material of choice for making weapons and tools.  

We have 50 excellent Prehistoric Britain themed websites on offer. The resources encompass the subjects of History, Design & Technology, Geography and Art & Design. Collectively, they cover the Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages. As usual, the resources comprise of a mixture of: information, facts, research, hands-on activities, illustrations and video clips, as well as some detailed planning - each of which will effectively support this really appealing and very far-reaching theme.


The featured theme is updated monthly.  Watch out for our super Dinosaurs and Fossils resources coming in May 2018!


Recently Archived Themes


March 2018

Poetry. March's featured theme was the enjoyable and really creative topic of Poetry.  Poetry can be fun, it can be used to send a message and it can be used to tell a story. It can rhyme, or not; it can be deep and meaningful or be nonsensical.  Poetry can be performed, or it can be for personal consumption and enjoyment. It can be full of humour that makes us laugh or so deep and meaningful that it moves us to tears. In short, poetry is simply great!

We have 45 great poetry themed websites on offer; they include resources for both KS1 and KS2. The resources embrace: children’s’ poetry, themed poetry, rhyming and non-rhyming poetry, humorous poetry, nonsense poetry, performance poetry and much more besides. The resources comprise of a mixture of: poetry texts, information, audio and video clips, as well as some detailed planning - each of which will effectively support this great topic.




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123SOW from 123ICT Limited on Vimeo.

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